An Observation

I am looking at the date of my last blog and it has been almost three months! I don’t know why it gets so sporadic at times but I have an inkling that it has something to do with how crazy my job gets around May and June. Toss in a couple of trips and me finally getting into Facebook, and you have a recipe for laziness in the blogging world.

I also think my desire for writing has dwindled. I don’t have the spark, like I used to and I also think the reason for my past writing has been erased. I used to write for salvation’s sake; saving myself from going completely crazy in the not most tenable situations for sanity. That need has disappeared. I do enjoy writing and I enjoyed the short story genre but I can’t help but notice in the last couple of years my audience has dissipated and there aren’t just a whole lot of folks asking, “So what are you writing about these days?”

So perhaps there is a time we put the puppy to sleep. I won’t delete the blog but I do think I won’t be writing on it very soon.

And as I stated in the previous paragraph; I doubt anyone will notice.


I’m My Own Grandpa

Wow! No more will I have to sit in jealous repose as other guys my age talk about their grandbabies and how smart, talented, etc. the little tykes are because now, yes now, the ol’ Frustrated Writer is going to be a grandpa! Cryss and Jason are expecting in late October or early November and how exciting is that?

Good stuff!

Pancake Pandemonium

This is my year to head up my service organization’s pancake day where we will raise around 40k to fund children programs in our city. Typically 6,000-7,000 people are fed all the pancakes and sausage they can eat while local bands play for them. Silent auctions are held and this year, a raffle for a 42′ flat screen TV.

I found myself standing in the IHOP parking lot this morning at 4 a.m., waiting for the truck to arrive so we could unload the thousands of dollars of donated product these fine folks give to us so we can raise optimum dollars for the kids. It is my fourth year to arrive in that parking lot at an ungodly hour but I have found I don’t mind it so much as you really have a chance to get to know some of you club members that you may not run around in their circles.

This morning we chatted about hunting, military experience (which was a conversation I didn’t partake in as I have none), politics, the possibility of taxing gun owners, kids, our own children, and assorted other topics as we loaded the trailer full. This afternoon I will be unloading the trailer and again, it will be another time to have more conversations with different people about most subjects.

Saturday will be a day of pandemonium. Starting from 6:30 in the morning and going until 8 p.m. that night, the day will be nothing but serve, clean, serve again, clean some more, serve even more…. you get the picture. My feet are already aching in anticipation of this day but the good news is that after the pandemonium… my time as the “pancake guy” will be just hours from being over. Then… some other person can worry about it although I know I will be back at my spot in the parking lot next year, at 4 a.m., waiting to start the pandemonium all over again.

Tough Decisions

Talking with my dad yesterday we touched upon a subject I think most people want to avoid sometime in their life… what to do with an aging parent. My grandmom, a feisty lady in every since of the word and one of my personal heroes, is 95 and beginning to have to face the challenges of memory loss and the challenge of having a body that has weathered the storms of life for almost a century. Her memory is getting to deteriorate to the point it could be dangerous to her and to those around her.

How do you sit down and tell a person you love that it might be time to give up the independence that they have thrived on for 95 years? What decisions will the daughters have to make to insure grandmom’s safety while trying to keep her as independent as possible? I think such decisions are some of the toughest because her loss of independence will mean the loss of the level of happiness she has enjoyed forever. I don’t envy my mom or my aunt and their tough decisions…

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Broadening His Horizons

I was sitting in the interview chair waiting for the camera to come on and begin my thirty second spot of chatting about my service club’s big event on Saturday when the reporter, a good friend of mine, whispered to me, “I’ve started preaching out at the little church I attend.” I told him I thought that was great because he has always had such a sweet spirit and a passion for people and Christ. I also told him I thought he would be a natural at it… he is thoughtful, provocative, and doesn’t mind challenging people to think.

“The only reason I never went into ministry full time is because I didn’t want to have to bury people before their time or marry people who didn’t want to be married.” I could relate to that aspect of ministry well as the lowest point in my time as a minister was having to officiate two funerals within one week for babies. Seeing parents who had been trying for a while totally crushed by the death of their infant. It was the worst experience and the most faith challenging because there is no great answer to their pleading of “why?”

I hope the best for my friend. I hope he never has to officiate a funeral for a child and I really hope his time in ministering and teaching is filled with blessings and challenges that will only build his faith. I think I just might have to slip out there and hear him speak.

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Crazy Weeks

This week and last week are two of the busiest and craziest weeks I’ve had in awhile. Three big events last week, major grant due at the end of the week… and then there is this week… major event on Saturday, two grants due this week, and enough meetings to choke a horse… and I’ve turned down invites to at least three additional meetings for this week alone.

However, I went fishing on Saturday and for the day I just sat, fished, and enjoyed the company of my good friend Pete. We caught bass, pollywogs, and drowned a lot of worms but what I think our biggest catch was a break from the stress and pressure of deadlines. We threw the fish back… we kept the break. It was definitely a keeper.

Uh, You Might Wanna Read Your Copy Through First

I was listening to a guy on the radio today do an editorial about the in-trig of our current economic situation. He kept mentioning the in-trig of this and how to handle the in-trig of that… to the point I was sure somewhere I had missed a new buzzword for inner calculations and speculations of economic stimulus and regeneration of a sound economy.

Then it hit me… intrigue…. intrigue…intrigue… You might want to read through your copy first before going on air, Mr. Announcer Man. Or… you could always have your copy writer spell it out phonetically for you.